For documents relating to foreign proceesings, we charge £125 + VAT per service on an individual. Whether we need to charge extra depends on whether the documents need notarising or if there are any non standard arrangements with respect to service (such as having a witness attend). We will also need to use a courier service to get the proof of service back to you.


If the proof of service needs notarising, which is often the case where the documents relate to proceedings issued outside of the UK, we will pass on the cost of the notary public (currently £85 + VAT). 

Please check if documents require notarising before instructing us.

Witness Attendance

If the instructions requires a witness to attend (such as some documents relating to proceedings issued under Scots law), we charge an extra £35 + VAT for this. Again, please check if service requires a witness to attend.

Getting the documents to me after service

We would always recommend using a reputable international courier to handle to delivery of the documents back to you– especially where the documents are notarised. We usually pass the cost of the courier on to you. We’ll be able to provide a quote for this at the start of our instruction, if its required.

We’d be happy to discuss your specific requirements relating to service. Please get in touch.

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