We regularly receive instructions to serve Respondents with Non Molestation Orders. This is an Order of the Court that stops the Respondent from harrassing or making contact with the Applicant. There will usually be a condition preventing the Respondent from going within a certain distance of the Applicant whilst the Order is in force.

As the Non Molestation Order isn’t active until it is served, we can assist by personally serving the Respondent with the documents.

It is a crimainl offence to breach the terms of a Non Molestation Order. After service, we also provide a statement to the Police confirming that the Respondent has been served.

How do I instruct you to serve my Non Molestation Order?

That part is simple. Click on the Instruct Us button and this will take you through to our secure instruction form. If you want to discuss the instruction first, you can call us up and have a chat.


How much does it cost to serve Non Molestation Orders?

Many applications for Non Molestation Orders can be supported by Legal Aid.  We are fully conversant with the current Legal Aid charging rates and can prepare a compliance invoice on completion of hte instruction.

Where cases are not publicly funded, we charge a fixed fee of £85 + VAT for service upon the Respondent and a further £85 + VAT for service of the Order, and a supporting Witness Statement, upon the local Police

What documents do we need to serve?

We are Lincs Process Servers

We serve legal documents all over the UK, often for a fixed fee. We assist clients and their professional advisors by serving Non Molestation Orders upon Respondents.

If you, or your legal advisors, would benefit from our service, get in touch.