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Late Payment of Commercial Debts- Practical Advice- 2

In the second part to our practical advice guide to commercial creditors, we cover some more gems to assist you with managing commercial recoveries against individuals. Don't be afraid of the repayment plan Creditors’ have 4 months from service of the Demand before it expires and a fresh one has to be issued. This gives Creditors a significant amount of time to negotiate and deal with the Debtor in good faith. [...]

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Late Payment of Commercial Debts – Practical Advice

The debt recovery process can, so easily, become protracted in such a way as to remove the very idea that a process is at work. Creditors should drive the process towards the desired outcome.  In the same way as any journey can be made more bearable and less stressful by engaging in certain behaviours before you set out- the correct approach before embarking on a debt collection strategy can prove invaluable. When we [...]

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Lincs Process and COVID-19

We recognise that the ongoing situation with the Coronavirus pandemic is extremely challenging for everyone and provides a great deal of uncertainty for clients and the people we effect service upon. We've taken steps to ensure that our staff, our clients and the people we effect service upon, are being treated correctly and that we are not exposing anyone to risk. Our staff are now all home [...]

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Lincs Process and GDPR

You have probably already heard of the GDPR by now and have some questions on how to deal with it. The most common question we get is from our clients - who ask us what we are doing to prepare for it. We’ve put together an overview of the GDPR and what we are doing to get ready for it. This post is to assist you in using the service we provide, but [...]

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A while ago we had a conversation with a client about a job we were doing. They we're really pleased with the job we did and we went about the rest of our day with that warm glow you get from an unexpected compliment. We wanted to look at where we were in relation to our clients' expectation. We knew that we we did was a commoditised service and is offered by others [...]

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New Insolvency Fees – July 2016- Part 2

I covered, on my last post, the new fees that the Official Reciever will have powers to charge in insolvency cases. In addition to these new fees, there are also increases to fees across the board in relation to the existing fees. The new fees will affect both personal insolvencies and company winding up petitions and will apply to any Order (Bankruptcy or Winding Up) made on, or after, 21 July 2016. Fees Current Fee Fees [...]

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New Insolvency Fees from 21 July 2016

There is quite a substantial change to the insolvency fee structure on the horizon.  From 21 July 2016, the fees are changing to reflect the findings of the Managing Peoples Money guidance which was delivered to the Treasury in 2014. The key deliverable of the guidance is that fees should cover costs. An impact assessment exercise was concluded on 18 March 2016 and assessed the overall impact is that Insolvency Service income will rise by [...]

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Instruct us with our new webform

Today we have promoted our web application form to our live website. The beta version has been sat on the site for a while now, basically interfering with the rest of the website and causing us a few technical headaches. We're really pleased with it as it offers a completely new way for our partners to deal with us. Together with the Lincs Process Servers price promise, it basically makes instructing us as [...]

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Order to Attend Court for Questioning- the basics

A sizeable amount of our instructions relate to serving Orders to Attend Court (N39) upon judgment debtors. What we find quite interesting is the variance in Debtor attitudes relating to our involvement and how the matter progresses once the Order has been served. I would expect that the vast majority of people reading this post are well aware of what the Order to Attend Court involves. We'll give a brief overview for the [...]

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Preparing Statutory Demands: Validating Debts

The Creditor will have to make sure that the debt is one that is suitable for the Statutory Demand process. There are a number of factors to consider, not least the value in dispute. Many creditors, particularly lenders regulated by the FCA, will want to apply systematic rigour to the decision whether or not to proceed in this way. Most Creditors will usually consider a number of points, in order to validate the debt [...]

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