Today we have promoted our web application form to our live website. The beta version has been sat on the site for a while now, basically interfering with the rest of the website and causing us a few technical headaches.

We’re really pleased with it as it offers a completely new way for our partners to deal with us. Together with the Lincs Process Servers price promise, it basically makes instructing us as simple as possible.

It’s taken about 3 months, and a great deal of feedback between us and a few of our more patient partners that kindly agreed to test it for us, but we think it’s ready.

Why we built the feature

We decided to put the form together in response to feedback from two of our clients who work in the high volume commercial debt collection industry. We were attending one of our monthly review meetings with them and we just got talking about how we could make their lives a little bit easier. They were telling me that they now have a convoluted process to instruct agents.

  • Send an email to the manager for the contact details of the process server that we use.
  • Ring the process server to inquire whether they can cover the instruction.
  • Encrypt the document that needs serving with a password.
  • Email the document to the process server.
  • Ring the process server to provide the address details for the subject.
  • Email the password for the previously encrypted file to the process server.

On the drive home I got to thinking about it a bit more. This process, as compliant as it was, just seemed really convoluted. All we are doing is trying to serve people with documents. So, we tried to keep it simple. If you don’t know already – its what we’ve tried to build our entire business on.

There had to be a better way. I got to thinking about my favourite customer ordering experiences. I wanted it to have the same intuitiveness as the collaboration software that we use in the office.

As I got to Leicester Forest East Service Station I think I’d pretty much got it in my head that the form had to be simple, secure and intuitive. When I got back to the office I jotted down a few ideas and planned how it would work.

Key features

Its secure

It has to be. Users have to provide personally identifiable information.

The form, together with the site that its built on, uses SSL encryption with Enhanced Validation (the green address bar and padlock). This should provide our partners with the comfort that the information and documents they send us is secure and encrypted with bank level security. A lot of our partners are FCA regulated, with pretty onerous requirements in respect of information security so we’ve tried to accommodate that as a minimum requirement.

It’s simple

The form has gone through so many iterations, and will continue to evolve. As we’ve received feedback on what works really well and what is a ‘nice to have’- we’ve curated the form content and function to focus on whats really needed.

Its open all hours

Whilst we love answering the phone, sometimes its not practical. We sleep, spend time with our kids, use the underground  etc. Equally, our partners are often really busy and just don’t need the hassle of the convoluted instruction process that I referred to above.

It was really important that the form be accessible all the time- for when our partners are working early/late/from home.

Future plans

I have a backlog of ideas to tweak the form over the next few months and I fully expect as more people use it and provide feedback that it will evolve further. How it evolves is very much up to our clients and it relies entirely on their feedback. 

So. Use it a few times. Use it all the time. Use it once. Its up to you. All we ask is that you let us know if you like it and what you would want it to do.

We are LincsProcess

We serve legal documents all over Lincolnshire for a fixed fee. We assist our creditor partners and their professional advisors with their debt collection by providing field services aimed at driving recoveries, delivering intelligence and maintaining the customer-supplier relationship.

If you, or one of your clients, would benefit from this approach, get in touch.


We’re not lawyers. We’re process servers. We are not in the business of giving legal advice. These articles are really to put across our own opinion (why else would we write them?) and should not be relied on as legal advice. if you want legal advice, you should always get a solicitor.