We actively seek feedback from our partners- not that we crave validation or anything. It just allows us to check that our business is offering what our clients actually want.

We place a lot of credence in our partners opinion of us. It’s the most important credential we have. It matters way more than how long we have been doing this or what qualifications we have (20 years and LL.B (Hons)- in case you care more than we do!).

We regularly incorporate our feedback into new features for the business and we’re already working on several enhancements which we hope to deliver soon.

Very happy with the good service provided

Katherine Summers, Summers Nigh Law

Very prompt and efficient. Great communication. Would highly recommend and will be using again.

Jon Whettingsteel, Shentons Solicitors

My demand was served within an hour of me emailing it to them. The customer paid me a few days later.

Credit Manager, Manufacturing Firm

…Its just really easy to place an instruction. This makes it so much easier for my team.

Head of Collections, Guarantor Lender