Lincs Process and GDPR

You have probably already heard of the GDPR by now and have some questions on how to deal with it. The most common question we get is from our clients - who ask us what we are doing to prepare for it. We’ve put together an overview of the GDPR and what we are doing to get ready for it. This post is to assist you in using the service we provide, but [...]

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Preparing Statutory Demands: Validating Debts

The Creditor will have to make sure that the debt is one that is suitable for the Statutory Demand process. There are a number of factors to consider, not least the value in dispute. Many creditors, particularly lenders regulated by the FCA, will want to apply systematic rigour to the decision whether or not to proceed in this way. Most Creditors will usually consider a number of points, in order to validate the debt [...]

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