This is one of the more common documents we get instructed to serve personally on an individual. There is a separate process for serving Statutory Demands on companies.

A Statutory Demand is a document that requests that the person being served (‘the Debtor’) pays a debt, or comes to an arrangement about repayment, then the person serving the Demand (‘the Creditor’) can start proceedings to make the Debtor bankrupt.

The Debtor usually has 21 days to contact the Creditor and make payment or come to an arrangement with the Creditor. If the Debtor does not pay the debt, or make an arrangement with the Creditor, then the Creditor can start bankruptcy proceedings by filing a bankruptcy petition with the Court.

The Creditor will not be successful with a bankruptcy application if there is no evidence that the Statutory Demand has been correctly served upon the Debtor.


What form do you need to use?

The form you need depends on the circumstances of the debt. You can click on the Form links to access the correct forms.

Form TypeWhen would I need this?Form
Liquidated Sum payable immediatelyWhen the full amount of the debt is overdue and undisputed.SD2
Liquidated Sum payable immediately following a Court Order or JudgmentWhen you have a county court judgment for the debt you are chasing.SD4
Debt payable at a future dateIf you think the Debtor will not be able to pay the debt when they need to.SD3

What is the minimum amount I can demand?

The Debtor needs to owe you more than £5000 in order to raise a Statutory Demand.


What we do to help Creditors

We’re regularly instructed to assist Creditors in their collection activity by effecting personal service of Statutory Demand upon individuals.

If you want us to assist you in serving a Statutory Demand, click on the ‘Instruct Us’ button.

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