Serving documents quickly is crucial in some cases.

We take action on all instructions we receive within 24 hours of receipt of the documents. The general rule is that if we receive all of the documents quickly, we can complete the serve quickly.

In the majority of case (55% at the last count), we have been able to serve documents successfully within 24 hours. Our current average is 19 hours (as at August 2021) from receipt of the documents. Our target is to conclude all instructions within 4 working days.  

Most of the time, our speed depends on whether the subject (the person we are trying to serve) is prepared to answer the door! There may be other factors to consider also, such as the subjects’ working patterns which will determine whether they are present at the address in the first place.

We would always suggest a discussion to confirm the best approach if there is an urgent requirement for your service. You can get in touch below.

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