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What if they dont accept the documents?

Whilst it's rare that people we're serving don't accept the documents, its often a concern that they will present as evasive or aggressive when we are carrying out the instruction. We'll usually ask for information relating to the subject (the person we are serving) as part of our assignment. This is to assist us in trying to establish that the subject is present before we make out initial approach. We always conduct ourselves with [...]


What areas do you cover?

We’re based in Boston, Lincolnshire, but we serve process all over the country.  We are able to offer urgent and same day service anywhere in the Greater Lincolnshire area (and a bit of Nottinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk!). If you want to think of it in terms of postcodes: Postcode Area Localities DN Barton Upon Humber, Brigg, Cleethorpes, Crowle, Epworth, Gainsborough, Grimsby, Kirton in Lindsey, Scunthorpe,  Winterton, Doncaster, Retford LN Caistor, Horncastle, Lincoln, [...]


I live outside the UK. How do you get the documents to me?

Past experience has taught us that the most expedient way of getting documents from the UK is by reputable international courier. Whilst this is usually more expensive (in some cases its more than we charge for serving the documents in the first place!), its the most secure and, by far, the quickest.  We will pass the cost of the courier service on to you and can provide you with the cost of this [...]


What service do I get for the price?

For our fixed fee assignments, we don’t charge on a per visit basis.  We make as many visits as is necessary to complete our assignment. Where our assignment is publicly funded, we have to charge on a per visit basis, in line with the current Legal Aid regulations.  We might conclude that the subject (the person we are trying to serve) can't be served at that address. If this is the case, we [...]


Do you deal with documents issued abroad?

For documents relating to foreign proceesings, we charge £125 + VAT per service on an individual. Whether we need to charge extra depends on whether the documents need notarising or if there are any non standard arrangements with respect to service (such as having a witness attend). We will also need to use a courier service to get the proof of service back to you. Notarising If the proof of service needs notarising, [...]


Can you serve an Injunction on an individual and the Police?

We charge £85 + VAT, per individual. Where matters are publicly funded, we'll charge out at the current Legal Aid Agency Rates. The attendance at the local police station isn't included in the price. We'll have to prepare a Statement for the Police confirming that the Order has been served and then drop this off at the local police station when its next open. Where we are charging on a fixed fee, we [...]


How quickly can you serve my documents?

Serving documents quickly is crucial in some cases. We take action on all instructions we receive within 24 hours of receipt of the documents. The general rule is that if we receive all of the documents quickly, we can complete the serve quickly. In the majority of case (55% at the last count), we have been able to serve documents successfully within 24 hours. Our current average is 19 hours (as at August [...]


How much do you charge?

For our fixed fee instructions, we charge £85 + VAT per service at a particular address. We provide a discount where an instruction provides for service upon several individuals or at several addresses. This will be agreed at the point of instruction and before we start work. For publicly funded cases we charge on an hourly basis for the work that we do at the current process server hourly rates. Our charges are in [...]


Are you insured?

Yes we are. We carry professional indemnity insurance which covers us for the work we do. The limit on this cover is currently for £500,000.00 and we renew this in February each year. Our partners’ brand reputation is very important to us and so our responsibilities must be aligned with theirs, particularly in relation to how we manage matters when they go wrong.


How do I instruct you?

You can instruct us via a number of ways. You can instruct us using the ‘Instruct Us’ page of our website. You can upload documents securely through this portal. You can also instruct us using the live chat feature (in the bottom right of the website). This allows you to talk to us about the case and upload the documents securely. You can instruct us by email – Alternatively, you can get in [...]

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